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Miniature Stamped Parts: Precision in Manufacturing


Remember the children’s game “I Spy with My Little Eye?” It was a thrilling challenge to spot what our friends saw from their unique perspective, examining the tiniest details to find the winning item. At Metric Tool and Stamping Inc of MN, we experience this level of detail every day, but for us, it’s not a game; it’s our business. We manufacture miniature stamped parts and produce some of the highest quality materials on the market, making us a leader in the industry. We service a variety of clients with our small metal parts and springs and have the tools and resources to create custom items. Here’s how we do it.

How to Manufacture Miniature Stamped Parts

Precision Tolerances Our manufacturing process is all about precision. We work with tolerances that are paper-thin or even thinner, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. Our precision process is automatic, allowing us to produce high-volume quantities with ease. Using micro-precision stamping, we manufacture tiny clips, inserts, stamps, springs, and other small parts that fit your specific needs.

Meticulous Exactness Miniature parts leave no room for error, so our tolerances are tighter than ever. The challenge of working with such small details requires the right equipment. We continually improve our technologies to produce the smallest and highest quality metal stamped parts available.

Precision Tools and Components High precision parts start with high precision tools and components. Our progressive tools begin with the die set, where all forming and cutting is performed.

Material Selection and Tool Wear Choosing the correct material for cutting, forming, drawing, and extruding reduces tool wear. This requires well-trained, highly knowledgeable engineers and toolmakers. Additionally, using equipment that inspects more parts in less time provides accurate trends and variances, keeping the performance process controlled. Continuous inspection of both parts and machines is critical to maintaining high-quality products. This proactive approach reduces troubleshooting time caused by faulty metals or equipment.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Tooling Smaller parts mean smaller machines, requiring greater precision in tool tolerances. Knowledge of which materials work best and how they withstand constant pressures is essential. Some metals need to bend, while others must remain rigid. Surface finish also plays a key role in a tool’s performance. Some tools are buffed to a shine, while others undergo further post-operation treatments for smoother surfaces.

Fast Tooling for Small Orders Small orders of small parts necessitate fast tooling at an inexpensive cost. We have perfected precision tooling that can be used off standard pre-made blank form tools of different materials. These tools are pre-machined, heat-treated, and ground in large quantities, reducing individual costs and production time. This allows us to produce custom parts quickly and at competitive prices.

Applications and Industries

Our miniature stamped parts, measuring in the thousandths of a millimeter, are used in a variety of applications and industries. These include medical devices, electronic devices, aerospace gauges, and military equipment. Regardless of size, dimensions, shape, or complexity, we can meet your needs with accuracy and efficiency.


Metric Tool and Stamping Inc is a leader in small metal parts manufacturing, with the resources to back up our claims. We work with precision stamped metal parts.  Our ability to produce such sizes on a custom level and in quantities specified by our customers makes us one of the leading US miniature parts manufacturers. For more information, please contact us directly.