Miniature Stamped Parts: Precision in Manufacturing

miniature component stamping mn

Introduction Remember the children’s game “I Spy with My Little Eye?” It was a thrilling challenge to spot what our friends saw from their unique perspective, examining the tiniest details to find the winning item. At Metric Tool and Stamping Inc of MN, we experience this level of detail every day, but for us, it’s […]

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Precision in Small and Very Small Metal Stamping

Metal part stamping is a unique art in the complex world of manufacturing. This is especially true when it comes small or very small parts. Precision is not only a requirement, but a necessity when it comes to crafting tiny components. We’ll explore why precision is so important and how to achieve it in the […]

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6 Things You Should Know About Metal Stamping

Consider hiring a professional metal stamping service. You’ll be better prepared to select the best company for your stamped metal needs if you have more knowledge about the subject. Stamped metal can be used in a variety of ways today. You should always know what you are paying for when you buy stamped metal. This […]

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Precision Stampings: A Comprehensive Guide to Profitable Metal Stamping

Precision stampings are recognized as a complex set of metalworking processes involving the production of small, intricate components. These components have tight tolerances, requiring slots with a minimum width of 0.25 millimeters and an accuracy of +/- 0.05mm. In fact, some manufacturers demand even more stringent specifications! Precision stampings require fine surface finishes (measured in […]

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Stamping Presses – How do They Work?

When you want to cut or shape metal to your required specifications, you will need to use metalworking machine tools called stamping presses. In this process, the metal is drawn, trimmed, formed, blanked, and/or pierced with a die. This process can typically be used for metal that is in sheet or coil form. A stamping […]

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What Exactly Is Precision Stamping?

Micro Stamping Minneapolis

If you need to manufacture high volumes of complicated products, then precision stamping might prove to be a good answer. It’s usually pretty quick while also being very cost-efficient. Factories around the world are using three primary precision stamping applications. These are prototype design, intricate precision metalwork, and micro-precision stamping. Metal stamping is something that […]

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Tool Die Metal Stamping


Metal stamping is a type of manufacturing process that converts a flat metal sheet into a specific shape. It is an extremely complex process that has different metal forming techniques such as piercing, bending, punching, blanking, to name a few. There are literally thousands of different metal stamping companies throughout the United States. These companies […]

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Overall Perfection Sets Us Apart at MTSI

What makes MTSI different? Overall perfection sets us apart from the rest of the companies who do what we do. Metric Tool & Stamping or MTSI was founded in 1972. We’ve been in business for over 40 years and we’ve grown to become one of the leading precision metal stamping businesses serving not only local […]

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Stamping Die 101

nano stamping mn

A teacher of stamping die noticed that many in her class were new to the pressworking and stamping die industry. Some of the attendance were recent hires who were just starting to learn about stamping while others were present employees who had been transferred from a different department. Therefore, the common question that both groups […]

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