Frequently Asked Questions about Metal Stamping

Micro Stamping MinneapolisProgressive die metal stampings are what they sound like.

Custom metal stampings made with a progressive die stamping machine are known as progressive die metal stampings.

Progressive die, multi slide, and deep drawn metal stampings are the three most frequent varieties. Progressive dies are the most common of the three types.

What are the benefits of deep drawn metal stampings?

Deep drawn metal stampings have a number of benefits. These parts are made from a flat strip of material (stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.) that is drawn or stretched into a cup or tube shape using a sequence of die sets. One benefit is the ability to make the last phase seamless. Deep draw metal stamping also has other advantages, such as almost endless O.D. to I.D. combinations, alternative shapes other than round stampings, and improved component dimension control.

What sets you apart from other metal stamping businesses?

The capacity to make three different types of metal stampings sets Metric Tool and Stamping apart from other metal stamping companies (progressive die stampings, deep draw metal stampings and multi slide metal stampings). We also serve a wide range of clients (medical stampings, battery stampings, etc.). Most other metal stamping companies only serve a few industries and are thus more vulnerable to industry swings. In all of our operations, Metric Tool and Stamping adheres to the ISO 9000 and AS 9100 (aerospace) quality systems.

What’s the difference between fineblanking and precision metal stampings?

Machines for fine blanking move in two directions. Both the punch and the dice are moving in the same direction.

In contrast to a precise metal stamping machine, which simply moves the punch or die set while the rest of the machine stays fixed. Fine blanking produces a burr-free component. Custom metal stamping machines’ shear and break will always leave a burr on the part. Metric Tool and Stamping has the ability to clean and deburr any of the parts we make, as well as any existing metal components.

Will your stampings be delivered straight to my customer?

We can send directly to you, to a plater, or to any other destination. Your precision metal stamping can be shipped in a variety of methods, including boxes, returnables, tubs, and by land, sea, or air.

How do you determine the best procedure for die stamping metal components?

Our engineers consider the complexity and geometry of the desired finish part while deciding between multi slide stamping, progressive die stamping, and deep drawn stamping. Progressive die stampings, for example, may produce components with more piercings and numerous shapes, as well as flatter parts at higher speeds than deep draw or eyelet machines. Deep draw or eyelet stamping machines, on the other hand, are better suited to producing stampings that are deeper or taller than 12 inches. Multi-slide or four-slide machines are ideal for producing several formed pieces, wire forms, or items that require the highest level of precision.