How MeasurLink Works

measurlinkMeasurLink has been designed to collect and store all measurement data into one central database. CMMs acquire the measurements and these results are transferred automatically to a SQL database which is then directly available for reporting, analysis, or monitoring in real-time.

MeasurLink uses distributed processing to provide you with the performance that you need. It delivers an organized and safe data warehousing system to make quality data available for either analysis or viewing by any member of your company’s managerial, engineering, or production staff.

Inspections inside the factory provide data for analysis, various reporting needs, and corrective action. MeasurLink provides the backbone for all of your quality efforts, which guarantees to increase your profits and reduce your production expenses.


Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a specialized tool that is used to monitor and control manufacturing processes. SPC provides operators with a tool for determining when a statistically significant change has occurred within a process or when a chance cause has resulted in an apparent significant change.

SPC involves the following:

• Determining what the critical process parameters are that must be monitored

• Getting an initial control chart set up and then confirming that this process is under control

• Gathering and plotting future data on a chart and then interpreting this chart in order to determine whether the process has gone out-of-control or not

Companies use SPC for a number of different reasons.

An internal champion will quite often initiate using control charts as well as other SPC methods in order to make improvements to manufacturing processes and reduce variation. Companies sometimes implement SPC in order to meet certain certification requirements or customer requirements. SPC does not make improvements on its own. However, SPC provides the operator with a special tool for identifying when a special variation cause has entered into the process to make it possible to eliminate this special cause. This tool eliminates the need to constantly adjust the process. SPC can also be useful in identifying improvement opportunities that can result in variation being reduced and processes that are aimed better for their target.


MeasurLink has been designed for detecting and displaying patterns and providing other statistical information. Numerous patterns can be viewed on SPC charts, including the following:

• Systematic variation
• Interactions (where two variables or more act together)
• Stratification (where there are abnormally small fluctuations)
• Instability (where there are abnormally large fluctuations)
• A sudden shift in levels
• A gradual change in levels
• A “bunching” or grouping of measurements
• Mixtures
• Freaks
• Trends
• Cycles

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