Micro and Miniature Stampings

You’ll find dozens of manufacturers competing for your business as you look for a partner for metal stamping and motor lamination. While they may all have the same capabilities, not every company offers the same value proposition.

We specialize in micro and miniature stampings. This allows us to understand the complexities of producing high quality parts in such a small size range.

We also have the engineering and tooling expertise to bring your designs to life. Metric Tool & Stamping will be your best partner if you are looking for a reliable supplier who can deliver quality stampings in a timely manner.

What is the difference between micro and miniature stampings?

Microstamping, a type of die-stamping, involves creating parts that are a fractional millimeter in diameter and almost invisible to the eye. The micro-stamped metal part is a miniature that requires extreme precision both in terms of dimensions and technical processing.

The miniature parts are formed into microscopically small shapes using a combination line, transfer or progressive die-stamping.

Applications of Micro-stamped Parts

Micro-stamped parts are used in many different industries.

Microidentification code

The micro-stamped part has been stamped with an identification code that contains information like the date and batch number. The industry benefits from micro-stamped metal parts because they allow for better quality control and traceability.

It is possible to trace micro-stamped components back to their source in the event of an issue. This helps improve quality control, and to prevent future problems. The micro-identification codes are difficult to duplicate, so they make it more resistant to fakes than traditional parts. Micro-stamped aerospace components ensure that only original parts are used.

Etching tiny markings on metal components

Miniature metal stamping is ideal for applications that require reliability and durability. It has several advantages over traditional stampings, including increased durability, reduced weight and improved reliability.

This process allows for the etching of extremely small markings onto metal components. Microstamping creates markings that are only visible under magnification. However, they can be used as a way to trace the origin of a component or part. In various military applications such as aircraft, missiles and ground vehicles, microstamped parts can be found.

Tracking manufacturers is easy with this tool

This information allows the identification of a specific component within a telecommunications system. These details can be used to track the origin of a component and find counterfeit or pirated components. This information can be used by law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies to track down illegal or illicit parts.

Custom precision stamping has many benefits

You can enjoy the following benefits by choosing custom precision metal stamping in your industry:

Higher precision: Custom precision stamping can increase the accuracy of stamped parts. A professional stamping firm will design a custom-made die to fit your application. This die is designed to create parts that are exactly what you want.

You can therefore be sure that the parts will meet your standards of quality.

Efficient resource use: Precision stamping improves the quality of your manufacturing processes. Custom dies allow you to produce components faster and more efficiently. These parts are designed to your specifications and will not require any reworking.

Savings:Custom precision stamped parts can help you save money over time. Custom dies can help you produce parts faster and with less waste. This allows you to save on material and labor costs. You can also save on inspection and repair costs if you produce parts that are less defective.

More durable and stronger: Custom precision stamping will also increase the durability of stamped parts. Custom dies will produce parts with a uniform cross-section along their entire length. The parts are stronger and less likely break if they maintain consistency.

Stamps in miniature sizes that fit perfectly

In many industries, miniaturization is key. As companies seek to reduce weight and size without compromising quality or strength, micro and miniature stampings have become more popular.

Metric Tool & Stamping can help you if you are looking for a metal stamping or motor lamination company. These services are available at competitive prices and can help your product reach the next level. Request for a quote today!