Micro and Miniature Stampings

You’ll find dozens of manufacturers competing for your business as you look for a partner for metal stamping and motor lamination. While they may all have the same capabilities, not every company offers the same value proposition. We specialize in micro and miniature stampings. This allows us to understand the complexities of producing high quality […]

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The Art of Manufacturing Miniature-Stamped Parts

How to Make Miniature Stamped Parts Our tolerances can be as thin as a paper or even thinner! We strive to make small metal parts that are as precise as possible for your business. We can produce large quantities of small metal parts with ease thanks to our automated precision process. We can make tiny […]

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Using Carbide Tooling For Stamping

Precision Manufacturing

The composite material cement carbide, commonly referred to as Tungsten carbide (WC), is created through powder metallurgy (PM), a manufacturing process. A binder, typically nickel or cobalt, is combined with tungsten-carbide powder during the process. The mix is put into a die to be compacted and then put through intense pressure and heat in a […]

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Does Precision Metal Stamping Suit Your Specific Application?

Micro Stamping Minneapolis

The manufacturing process known as precision metal stamping is one in which a customized too and die combination is placed into a stamping press in order to transform sheet metal into the specific types of components required in a given application. This method is used across an array of industry sectors to produce substantial amounts […]

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How Deburring Improves The Quality Of Metal Stampings

metal stamping

Metal stamping is a process that involves the forming of a metal material by using a heavy tonnage press. This process shapes the metal but it also produces burrs – excess material by the edges of the resulting metal part. Usually, the metal stamping process specifications include a burr allowance of 10% of metal thickness. […]

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Tips On Selecting A Precision Stamping Company

custom metal stamping

In order to find the right stamping company to partner with, you will want to ensure that you are investing your time and budget properly. Some companies lack the necessary quality equipment and experience which could leave you with a stalled project before you have a chance to finish it. By figuring out what to […]

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A Closer Look At The Intricacies Of Metal Stamping

spc quality control

There is quite a lot more to metal stamping than people generally realize. For instance, there are a number of steps needed to create complex metal stamping parts. Even parts that seem simple upon a cursory glance often need more than a single stamping step in order to be fully finished. There’s often a lot […]

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Reasons Why Every Industry Needs Precision Metal Stamping

miniature component stamping mn

Precision metal stamping is generally a unique industrial procedure that applies machinery affixed with dies to modify the flat sheet metal into various custom shapes. Apart from stamping, the metal presses can also carry out a wide variety of processes such as coining, flanging, embossing, bending, notching, tooling, punching, and a lot more. Precision metal […]

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