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What Defines Precision Nano And Micro Stampings?

When it is time to think about the world of micro stampings, it’s important to dig deeper and understand the underlying technologies that are involved. There are several details to account for and that is where precision nano comes into play. This technology has earned praise for its high-value results and should be noted as […]

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How Are Stamping Dies Made?

Stamping dies are essential for making the sheet metal into the designs, sizes and shapes your products require. All stamping dies have two basic functions. They either cut or form metal. Some can do both. When you are in need of precision dies, you need a company that has the expertise and know-how for manufacturing […]

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Benefits Of Micro Stamping For Your Company

Metric Tool & Stamping has been around for a long time and is one of the industry leaders in micro stamping services. When it comes to quality, precision, and professionalism, no one does it better than this team. For companies looking to take the next step with their micro stamping needs, it’s time to look […]

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Our Tooling Is Consistent And Produces Rapid ROI For Your Business

micro precision metal stamping

Are you currently searching for a tooling company? There are a wide variety of businesses that offer these types of services. Many are able to do both large and small jobs, as well as long and short runs, for virtually any type of tooling that you would require. Businesses that are successful may also offer […]

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Tool Die Metal Stamping


Metal stamping is a type of manufacturing process that converts a flat metal sheet into a specific shape. It is an extremely complex process that has different metal forming techniques such as piercing, bending, punching, blanking, to name a few. There are literally thousands of different metal stamping companies throughout the United States. These companies […]

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Stamping Die 101

nano stamping mn

A teacher of stamping die noticed that many in her class were new to the pressworking and stamping die industry. Some of the attendance were recent hires who were just starting to learn about stamping while others were present employees who had been transferred from a different department. Therefore, the common question that both groups […]

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Precision Stamping Techniques

Superior precision stamping is a quick and cost effective solution for producing vast quantities of complex products. There are 3 types of superior precision stamping applications that are currently being used at hundreds of factories throughout the world. The 3 types are intricate precision metalwork, micro precision stamping, and prototype design. Metal stamping utilizes stamping […]

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SPC Quality Control

Metric Stamping has become one of the leaders in engineering precision and quality assurance. With years of proven experience and a willingness to drive home professional results, this is a brand that has become the go-to option for modern design work. SPC Quality quality control is a major topic of discussion and it’s best to […]

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Benefits Of Getting Precision Long Run Progressive Stamping Dies

When you are looking at different ways to expand your branding you will see that you can do this with dies. The problem is you will often find that it can be expensive if you are not careful when you are picking out the ones that you want to use. This is when you should […]

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Advantages Of Precision Manufacturing

Finding a precision manufacturing company is a challenge. However, what you will find is that our company is one that is able to produce the most precise and often best looking micro tools that you can buy on the market. Then you will also notice that we are able to stamp these tools as well […]

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