Overall Perfection Sets Us Apart at MTSI

What makes MTSI different? Overall perfection sets us apart from the rest of the companies who do what we do. Metric Tool & Stamping or MTSI was founded in 1972. We’ve been in business for over 40 years and we’ve grown to become one of the leading precision metal stamping businesses serving not only local Minnesota but the United States as well as the globe. When it comes to stamping, it’s our entire focus and what we have solidified.

What are our products and services?

We provide precision manufacturing solutions for jobs that are big, small, short, long, basic or intricate. Because our tooling is superior, we can complete a job both efficiently and cost-effectively. We offer stability, consistency and a rapid ROI.

Stamping uses flat sheet metal to form the metal into a shape. At MTSI you will find the latest technology in nano and microstamping technology. The process used is known as MesurLink which ensures consistent quality. Our ability to obtain high volumes and raw material lets us provide exceptional pricing for short and long runs as well as prototypes. Companies and organizations that we service include computers, electrical applications, aerospace, medical, etc.

What is our process?

With our latest in SolidWorks and AutoCAD design technology, your part design is completed and your order is placed. We can order and cut steel in one to two days. Because overall perfection sets us apart, we have long-term relationships with fast response times, seamless manufacturing, flexibility, etc. We always work closely with our clients throughout the completion of the process.

We also have the capability to track historical data for up to 25 years. We can tell you how each tool is working. This ability to track the tool is part of why we offer such high quality. We also use high-quality control. We use real-time inspection and quality data collection tools that result in fail-safe traceability. We offer a 10 million parts guarantee.

MTSI is one of the best progressive die builders. The dies that we build utilize the best in tool steel and carbide components. We can do a piece part, rapid prototyping, reel-to-reel application, etc. The areas where we specialize include computers, medical, electronics, aerospace, photographic, communications, plastic molding, etc. we are a member of NFIB or National Federation of Independent Businesses. To request a free design evaluation gives us a call and we can get you started.

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