The Art of Manufacturing Miniature-Stamped Parts

How to Make Miniature Stamped Parts

Our tolerances can be as thin as a paper or even thinner! We strive to make small metal parts that are as precise as possible for your business. We can produce large quantities of small metal parts with ease thanks to our automated precision process. We can make tiny inserts, clips, stamps and springs that are custom-made to meet your needs. We can use a variety metals, including copper and stainless steel for unique applications.

Metric Tool and Stamping are focused on exactness. Tolerancing miniature parts is more difficult than ever because there is no margin for error. Working with such fine details presents a challenge. The key to success is the use of the right equipment. Our technologies are constantly improving to make the highest quality stamped metal parts possible.

Precision tools and components are essential for making high-precision parts. The die set is the core of a progressive tool. This is where all the cutting and forming takes place. High precision die sets made of high-precision ball bearings and high-precision materials ensure that the tool is less prone to friction and wear. Smoothness results in a more consistent strike every revolution. High precision wire electrical discharge technology (WEDM), allows tools to be made with tolerances greater than.0001. Combining these tools with the ball bearing set die sets is the best way to start a more precise part.

The amount of tool wear can be reduced by using the right material to cut and form, draw, extrude, and extrude. These are the result of highly-trained and knowledgeable engineers and toolmakers. Equipment that can inspect more parts in a shorter time span shows better trends and variances, which helps to control the parts’ performance. High-quality products require a team that continuously inspects the parts and the machines. These tools and techniques can reduce the time spent on troubleshooting problems caused by faulty equipment or metals.

Smaller parts mean smaller machines. This means that the tolerances of these tools must be higher. Knowing what materials work best and which ones can withstand the constant pressures of manufacturing is key. Metals can bend, while others must remain straight. The tool’s surface finish is also important. Some tools can be polished to a shine while others require additional post-operations, such as smoothing out the surface.

For small orders, it is important to have fast tooling that can be used for small parts. Atlantic Precision Spring has developed precision tooling that can be used with standard blank forms of different materials. These tools can be machined, heat treated, and ground in large quantities. This reduces individual costs and increases the time to produce. This makes it possible to make custom parts in fractions of the time at more affordable pricing.

Many industries and applications can use our products which measure in the thousands of millimeters. Our miniature stamped metal parts are essential for medical devices, electronics, military equipment, and aerospace gauges. We can accommodate any size, shape, or complexity. We will quickly get your products on the market.

Metric Tool and Stamping are leaders in small-sized metal parts manufacturing. We have the resources to support our claims. Precision stamped metal parts as small as 0.76mm are what we use. This is about the same size as an ink spot on a piece of paper. We are one of the most respected US manufacturers of miniature parts. Please give us a shout to get more information.