How Are Stamping Dies Made?

Stamping dies are essential for making the sheet metal into the designs, sizes and shapes your products require. All stamping dies have two basic functions. They either cut or form metal. Some can do both. When you are in need of precision dies, you need a company that has the expertise and know-how for manufacturing these exact dies.stamping dies

Many professionals, especially those new to the industry, often wonder how the dies that cut sheet metal are made. This article explains more of this. It can be helpful to know the process so that ordering custom dies is easier to do.

How the Dies Are Made

The first step is to design the stamp. You or someone from the firm you represent can do this first step. It can be done by hand. You can simply make a drawing or sketch of the size and shape of the mechanism.

Most of the time, it is best to leave this step to your stamp die manufacturer. They will take your idea and design it using computer-aided design software or something known as CAD. Always work with a company with technicians possessing SME certification.

Hiring the right company can boil down to looking for one that has experience in your industry. If you are a jewelry manufacturer, look for a die stamp maker with a background in jewelry. For companies that make appliances or automotive products, look for a company that has extensive experience in these fields.

Once the exact design has been approved, the dies can be cast. They are made using any number of die machines. Some produce the items using progressive dies, line dies, hand-transfer or stamping dies. The machines used are operated by those certified in sheet metal manufacturing. Machines should make use of the latest technology.

The dies will be stamped to your specifications and desired thickness. Clearance is an important term to understand as this refers to how much space will be between the operation and the edge of the part being made. They should be made of the highest quality materials because they will be working under extreme force to cut the metal you need.

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